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Who we are

Therval is a leading manufacturer of PVC windows and doors, tempered glass, and high-quality solutions for residential and vertical construction projects.

Our purpose

Bring beauty, quality of life, and sustainability to our clients' homes.

Our values

Honesty. Exceptional service. Actions speak louder than words. We grow together.


Transforming homes with high-value windows, doors, and glass solutions.

Our sectors

Tempered Glass

We provide high-quality custom tempered glass for contractors, window and door fabricators, and tempered glass installers. Our equipment is fit for beveling, edge polishing, milling, and insulating glass.

We prioritize


Our PVC windows and doors provide an energy-efficient solution for residential and commercial buildings. By using insulating glass units with Lowe glass, we can help our customers reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint while creating a more comfortable living and working space. In addition, our PVC windows and doors are recyclable, making them an eco-friendly option that supports our goal of being a responsible and sustainable company.


We specialize in providing exceptional service to our clients from the start.