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Contamos con una planta procesadora de vidrio de alta calidad con gran capacidad para dar servicio a contratistas, fabricantes de puertas y ventanas e instaladores de vidrio templado.

Advantages for project owners

Nuestro horno de templado de última generación y nuestra línea de fabricación automatizada garantizan la precisión y la eficiencia, ofreciendo productos de vidrio templado de alta calidad que cumplen las estrictas normas del sector.

However, lump sum contracts have specific criteria that can be both a benefit and a hindrance to a construction project.

Constructability and Budget Control

Our preconstruction experts drive best practices and lessons learned knowledge to maximize design and construction efficiencies, as well as continuous value engineering to deliver best value for lowest cost without compromising your design vision.

Cost fluctuations

The price of labor and materials can be fluid and subject to change throughout the project. Lump sum contracts generally do not account for these fluctuations, so contractors have to absorb the cost if prices rise. However, they can also realize savings if rates go down. These risks are arguably more pronounced in extended projects.

Contractors must factor in possible upward fluctuations and price the project accordingly when providing the estimate.

Provisional sums

Although lump sum contracts are pretty iron-clad as far as scope and cost, provisional or stipulated sums refer to the price of optional project work. The provisional sum is included as a separate estimate within the contract and only changes if the owner decides it’s a good idea to move forward with the elective work. The work associated with stipulated sums can cause issues with the project schedule, primarily if implemented later in the project. It can also lead to modifications that require formal change orders. That’s why it’s essential that the terms of a lump sum detail how to handle provisional sums and the limits of any related changes.